LED grow room

LED Grow Room Options

Before you purchase your first LED grow lights to start your indoor garden, you need to designate the right space to begin your project.

The beauty of indoor gardening with LED lights is that your gardening space can be as small or as large as you can manage. Consider the following properties of your LED grow room before purchasing your grow lights.

LED Grow Room Size and Structure

We have seen successful indoor gardens blooming in closets as well as greenhouses that are thousands of square feet. The space you dedicate is completely up to you, but make sure you don’t try to start a garden larger than you can manage.

Make sure the space you pick has enough room for your LED light kit, additional ventilation systems (if necessary), and of course, your plants. You don’t want things so tight that there’s not enough room to work comfortably. Another thing to consider is that the ceiling can support the weight of your lights. Anchor your lights to a ceiling rafter, or if that is not possible, you may need to construct a lighting rig to support your lights.

Controlling Light and Air Flow

You can use blackout curtains on windows and inside doorways to block all light except for that from the LED lights. Tack curtains to the walls along the windows and doors. This is an easy and affordable solution to eliminate unwanted light.

Ventilation is necessary to circulate fresh air in and garden air out. If you do not mind making some unattractive remodels to your LED grow room, you could just install intake and exhaust vents in the hallway or on the door. Another option is to rig up an air duct to act as a conduit to outside through a window board with a vent.

Consider taking advantage of nearby air spaces to draw in cool air from an adjacent room. Many homes have rooms designed with closets sharing a wall, which can be a perfect spot to install a vent to allow for air flow between the other room and your indoor garden.

Most importantly, you need to have a way to remove the hotter air from the room to ensure you are not overheating your plants. For single-level buildings and upper floors, you can usually vent the room through a hole in the ceiling with a vent and an exhaust fan. Take advantage of your existing attic ventilation system if your room is lucky enough to be connected to one.

A Well-Designed Grow Room is the Key to Healthy Plants

LED Grow Labs has lighting kits for rooms big and small that help reduce the burden of figuring out how to cool down an indoor garden. Our lights emit very little heat, meaning a standard ventilation system may be all you need to keep your indoor garden at the proper temperature.

Once you have the right LED grow room set up, you can enjoy your own fresh produce or beautiful flowers any time of the year.